Death Defying Handstands

  Here comes another story from Acro-chat magazine. This one was written by Ray Van Cleef. Flirting with death yielded the “Open Sesame” to Inguar Anderson’s zealous desire to become a circus performer. His efforts to secure an opportunity were repulsed until he resorted to death defying stunts to gain recognition. This daring 27 year […]

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Weightlifting and Hand Balancing

Does lifting weights help to hand balance? The answer is yes and no. Let me qualify all the following by saying there are many different ways to lift weights. Whether you are doing power lifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, or just good old fashioned strength training with barbells and dumbbells. How you lift matters as much […]

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Professor Orlick’s Books Available Now

Your education is the one thing you should pay more for than anything else. If you really want to become a master at the art of hand balancing or any other than you should expect to pay for the greats to teach you in one way or another. Professor Orlick, Paulinetti and Robert Jones are […]

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Close Encounter of the Bull Kind

My friend located this video from Pamplona, Spain when I was doing the Runninng of the Bulls. Someone in the stands just happened to be shooting the video. About halfway through you can see my closest encounter with a bull on that day. I know the quality isn’t very good but it certainly is me. […]

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Handstand Balancing, Positions and More

Here’s another question from John in England. Hello Logan, I’ve just received your manual which I ordered, thanks for sending it so prompt. I’m just approaching 40 years old and have become determined to do handstands and a few other basic gymnastic exercises. I’ve been practicing against a wall for a few months and can […]

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New Lost Art of Hand Balancing Website

I have finished the updates to the new site. Just go to to check it out.You’ll also notice a few new sections added in. –Success Stories Read and see people like you that have used the information gained here to gain hand balancing and acrobatic skills. Full of good information and tips about what […]

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A Night at the Circus

Circus Chimera had come to town. And I was not going to miss it. Last night, a group of friends and myself went to get in on the fun. Sure its not Cirque de Soleil, but still, these guys and gals were good. I knew that among the dancing, clowns, jugglers, acrobats, tap dancers from Argentina, and […]

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