Handstands and Wrist Strength Part 2 and More

Last time we talked about how you can overcome pain and poor flexibility in your wrists so that you can pursue hand balancing. A subscriber pointed out a few points which are certainly worth mentioning. There is a way to work around this problem. Handstands can also be done on parallel bars or pushup handles […]

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Handstands, Wrist Strength and Pain

Another question from a reader. And this isn’t the first time I have seen this problem pop up. Read on and find out what to do about it. hello Logan, well i have a question for you, after a handstand practice i get wrist pain over the back of my wrist and sometimes on the […]

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Exercise Technique

There is a lot more to getting strong then just hard work. I don’t want to downplay hard work though. Too many people think they are working hard when they are barely pushing themselves. Are you guilty of this? I have been in the past, for sure. But today I want to talk about the […]

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Robert Jones Celebrates His 50th Birthday

  When I was visiting my brother down near Los Angeles last weekend I noticed one of the books he had on his bookshelf. The name Ripley’s Believe it or Not was displayed on the spine. Knowing that Bob Jones had been featured by Ripley‘s nine different times, I decided to see if one of […]

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Mental Toughness

Since returning from LA I have been using my kettlebells in long timed sets. It is devastating work and let me tell you why. In kettlebell competitions there are two main lifts. You must do the Jerk for 10 minutes straight. The other event is the Snatch for 10 minutes straight. In case you don’t […]

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Kettlebell Juggling Anyone One?

One of my favorite ways to use a kettlebell is just to throw it around. A series of flips, catches, spins and whatnot will have you huffing and puffing in no time. Not to mention it hits just about every muscle and at odd angles. Don’t be surprised if you wake up the next day […]

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handstand against wall

Handstand Hold for Time

Here is a great way to finish off your workouts whether you are doing just hand balancing or anything else by doing a handstand hold. Its really simple, too. Just kick up into a handstand against the wall and hold it there for as long as you can. Try to stretch your toes upward and […]

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