Bending a 60-Penny Nail for the First Time

A little while ago I bent my first ever legitimate 60-penny nail. I did this in the reverse grip meaning my hands were facing opposite directions. Since then I have bent one in the double overhand position which I am working more on. Bending steel has been something that has interested me for a while. […]

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Current Attempt at a Backflip

[youtube:] Just thought I would put up a short video for fun. Anyway, this is a backflip I did last night at my gymnastics class. I am doing it on level ground and getting to my feet so it is not too bad. But it still has a couple spots for improvement. And of course […]

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Underwater Handstand

Is doing an underwater handstand a good idea? Read below for that and other questions from readers like you. Remember that if you want your questions answered just email them to me. I can’t personally reply to all of them but I will post them for all to see. Here’s the first one: Thank you […]

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Legendary Strength Blog is Live!

Welcome everyone to the latest blog on buidling incredible strength. Make sure to check back often as I will be putting all sorts of things up here. Various workouts and execises. New feats of strength and my efforts at the classic old ones. Many tips and training of strongmen from the past and now. Ideas […]

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Make Haste Slowly

If there was a pill that you could take, that would immediately transform you into a world class hand balancer, would you take it? YES I would!Sadly, there is no such pill. Becoming great hand balancer requires work. Lots and lots of work. The problem is that the more you want it and push for […]

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Hand Balancing Blog is Live!

Welcome everyone, The Lost Art of Hand Balancing Blog is now up and running! This whole thing is new to me but it seems simple enough. I’d rather be hand balancing then figuring this stuff out, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Be sure to check back often as I will have all […]

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