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Best Bodyweight Exercises For Maximizing Testosterone And Growth Hormone Response

When was the last time you performed a full bodyweight workout? Chances are, not recently. We don’t blame you; after all it is not commercially “sexy”. Yes, even though bodyweight workouts remain an effective way to jack testosterone and growth hormone levels through the roof, they are undeservedly frowned upon because there is nothing to […]

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How to Do Squats with Proper Technique

The following is a guest article from Paul Vandyken. Squats are a multi-joint exercise that engages most of the large muscles of our lower body. They hit our glutes, hips, hamstrings and thighs. Squats done properly are also perfect for our cardiovascular system. And if you’re looking for great butt exercises, then this is for […]

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Power Up with the Right Shoes

When it comes to lifting weights, you work on a dozen different things but you rarely ever think about your shoes. However, your shoes can play a big role in how successful you are at making your body stronger or they can be a hindrance to your performance. Non-Standard Shoes Many guys don’t worry about what they have […]

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Dancing The Spinal Muscles by Alan Calvert

This is an article from Alan Calvert that was originally produced in an issue of Klein’s Bell (Siegmund Klein’s magazine from the 30’s). I thought it was interesting for anyone intrigued by muscle control. It describes a series of muscle controls I’ve never otherwise heard of, or definitely seen before. It would be interested to […]

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