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The Mighty Atom

Here’s a question about one of the strongest men who ever lived. Hello, I was wondering what all you know about the Mighty Atom?  Is there any videos of him? Please let me know. Thank You! Lee Most of what I know about the Mighty Atom I learned from his biography, The Spiritual Journey of […]

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My First Experience with Z-Health

“Thoracic rotations?!?” I thought I was doing it, but all I was really doing was moving my shoulders around. Nope, my mid-back was stiff and immovable. Try with all my might I couldn’t seem to get the movement down. I had heard of this kind of training before. They called it Z-health, but this was […]

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What is Functional Strength? Part 4

The final answer to What is Functional Strength?Yeah right. But hopefully this article will clear up what it is and what it means to your training. I want to extend a thanks to all of you who wrote in with your thoughts on the topic. I can guarantee you that I will always read every […]

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What is Functional Strength?

Ask and you shall receive. Eric Spence sent in this excellent question. “Logan ,with such an emphasis upon bodyweight and kettlebell lifting. I am an ex-college football player. I remember seeing some big ,powerful, fast, flexible athletes. This was at a time in which kettlebell/bodyweight training was not the norm. These guys training a lot […]

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Ask Your Training Questions.

What would you like to hear about? Head on over to and ask away.If you ask a question I’ll do my best to answer it whether its on bodyweight exercise, kettlebells, feats of strength, how I train, conditioning, nutrition, or any specific exercises. Let me know what YOU want to know. Plus feel free […]

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More on Odd Object Lifting

  Big Red was an anchor weight. Instead of letting it sit unused my brother got a hold of it and we started using it to lift. We decided to paint it one day to cover the rust and give it a bit of personality (hence the name). It’s roughly 160 lbs. Not the heaviest […]

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Odd Object Lifting

Been re-reading the strength training classic Dinosaur Training. If you don’t have the book, get your hands on it. Plus Brooks Kubik, has a new website. One of the things I’ve added into my training is the lifting of a heavy odd object. I’ve got a unique tool named Big Red. I’ll get a video […]

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How to Hold a Handstand

A few things to cover today. First a questions from Brian. “my handstand stays in air for less than 3 seconds. at times i do better and most times i do worse. i tried the wall to gain back strength but i never seem to get better. Its been 3 months that way. im not […]

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