Easy Bodyweight Grip Hanging Progressions

The other day, an endurance athlete who was involved in Spartan Races asked me for some grip training advice. Without diving into complex equipment, I laid out these ideas for easy bodyweight grip hanging progressions.

This is a low-equipment way anyone can use to develop strong hands and fingers.

The basics are a:

  • Two-handed bar hang
  • One-handed bar hang
  • Two-handed towel hang
  • One-handed towel hang

Then you can move between these steps by de-emphasizing one arm and/or adding it in by a finger or so with just the one arm hangs.

There is a BIG difference from the first step to the last. Be patient and take your time making your way through these bodyweight grip hanging progressions.

You can find some more grip specific bodyweight training inside of The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Pullups & Chin-Ups.

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2 Responses to Easy Bodyweight Grip Hanging Progressions

  1. Tom January 10, 2018 at 9:14 pm #

    convict conditioning uses 8 steps for this progression.

  2. Yan January 14, 2018 at 11:59 pm #

    Another thing I just picked up in my training is clubbells, which also help building pretty much grip strength since the center of gravity lies way „up“ (or, generally speaking: away) from your Hand. Training with those delivers grip strenght and particularly wrist strenght- both of which do not only help with other strength exercises but are of great everyday use, too

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