George Hackenschmidt

George Hackenschmidt was an accomplished strongman, a professional wrestler and a physique star, born in 1872. He started training weight lifting and gymnastics very early and successfully and by the time he turned 18, he was able to lift more than 200 pounds overhead single handed. Hack is thought to be the creator of the “bear hug” in wrestling and he also made the “hack squat” popular, which is basically a deadlift variation with arms behind the body.

George Hackenschmidt

George Hackenschmidt

Apart from being involved in numerous sports, like jumping, running, athletics and weightlifting, George Hack was very much into feats of strength as well. A couple of feats which he is still remembered for include 276 pounds overhead press (with one hand) and a pullover and press of 311 pounds in the wrestler’s bridge position. He even beat Sandow in a bet where he won a pair of trousers after better results in a one arm lift overhead.

George Hackenschmidt - the Russian Lion, in 1905

George Hackenschmidt – the Russian Lion, in 1905

His career ended his wrestling career in 1911 after losing a famous match versus Frank Gotch. George Hackenschmidt had a bad knee injury which probably prevented him from winning this highly visited match with more than 10,000 spectators. After this ordeal, Hack wrote many books on physical culture and philosophy, the most popular one being “The Way To Live“, and managed to live up to the age of 90 through regular training, proper nutrition & rest.

George Hack's Grip Exercise Apparatus

George Hack’s Grip Exercise Apparatus which anyone can create at home


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