Podcast: The Isometric Mind

This podcast features Professor “Stone” Paul as he talks about isometrics and how training them is very useful but altogether different than training isotonic (moving) exercises.

(I apologize as there are a few issues with the sound on this one, due to Skype. The good news is that they are intermittent so for the most part the quality is great.)

  • How isometric training can best help to injury proof your body
  • The differences in “Proper Form” and “Preferred Form”
  • What is the Isometric Mind?
  • Two different ways to apply isometric training into what you do
  • How supination and pronation can change your exercises entirely and the patterns of the body
  • How to properly mix isometrics and weight lifting, or other forms of isotonic exercise
  • And much more

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Developing the Isometric Mind

Click here to access the complete transcript.

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