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Advanced Vacuum Exercises

What is shown here is an example of what I do with breathing vacuum exercises as part of my morning routine. Unfortunately, this is not the spot that I typically do this in, but it is a spot I do go to occassionally. I wanted a better back drop for this video than my home, […]

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5 Minute Breath Routine

It doesn’t have to take long. Over the years, I’ve gone back and forth with emphasizing breath as part of my routine. You know…there’s just lots of different things to do in life. I’m always working to adapt and shift what I’m doing. Lately, I added breath work back in, and in a very sustainable […]

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All About Muscle Control

Muscles can do one of two things, either contract or relax, with varying degrees of both. Muscle control is the art of controlling your muscles. More specifically it involves controlling muscles in isolation, in combinations and sequences. As a specific practice it was largely “created” by Maxick (born Max Sick, but changed his name as […]

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Four Systems of Detox

You may have seen lots of emails about cleansing strategies from other people in the health and fitness space recently. When people talk about detox it is typically only about what you put in your mouth and what comes out the other end. But that’s not the only way the body detoxes. In fact there […]

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Abdominal Vacuum Exercise

If you did one, and only one, muscle control exercise, this is the one it should be. It’s commonly known as the abdominal vacuum, because that’s just what you’re doing. You’re creating a vacuum of pressure inside. This vacuum is great for the lungs as you expel a greater amount of air then you normally […]

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