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Tendon Strength through Isometrics

The cult of muscle. That is the strength and fitness world that we live in. Few people give any recognition to other bodily tissues that play a role, such as the tendons. Yet, these other tissues are KEY, if you want to be strong. In January’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle newsletter, which goes […]

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Old-Time Strongman Training Video

Just the other day I was interview by Josh Hewett of Our topic was the oldtime strongmen and training like them. You’ll find out: What is oldtime strongman training? Some of the best books by the strongest people… Understanding progression intimately What it takes to become a performing strongman Fun lifts you probably haven’t […]

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Isometrics Training by Alexander Zass

Strongman Profile series on Breaking Muscles continues with another prominent oldtime strongman – Alexander Zass. Strongman Profile: Alexander Zass Teaches Us About Isometrics Alexander Zass was a strongman in the circus, traveling around Russia for many years back around the beginning of the twentieth century. He was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and lived from 1888 […]

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Monte Saldo

Monte Saldo

Monte Saldo was a bodybuilder, stage performer and an author born in 1879 in London. Saldo showed interests in bodybuilding and strength training as a teenager. With a help of his uncle, who was a well-known and respected police inspector, Saldo became an apprentice to Eugene Sandow in 1897, at the famous gym Sandow founded. […]

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Bodyweight Isometric Training

Lately I’ve been doing a fair amount of bodyweight isometric training. I was inspired when seeing the results had by Bud Jeffries especially after he taught at the last Super Human Training Workshop. I’ve also been studying oldtime strongman Alexander Zass who was famous for his use of isometrics. Most of my training right now […]

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Book Club: Amazing Samson by Alexander Zass

Introducing the Physical Culture Book Club. As a subscriber on Legendary Strength you can join for free. For the month of August we’ll be reading The Amazing Samson by Alexander Zass. Or want to get all 12 books for this year in one package right now? You can get additional savings and extra bonuses too. […]

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The Amazing Samson

Here is a short video overview of The Amazing Samson. This autobiography written by Alexander Zass details his life from growing up, joining the circus, his trials at war and much more. You can buy The Amazing Samson here. This book will soon be featured in the Physical Culture Book Club. This is not to […]

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Alexander Zass

Alexander Zass is one of my favorite oldtime strongmen (of course I like them all, but a few stand out to me.) He was known as the Amazing Samson and performed all over Russia and Europe back in his day. One of the most amazing things about him was that he escaped from POW camps […]

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