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Beast Snatch x 91 reps in 10 minutes

I’m closing in… Unfortunately, as I near the end its only by a couple reps at a time. My previous best in the 10-minute beast snatch was 87 reps. In this workout I hit 91. But there is extra good news with that. As you can see in the video, in the first set I […]

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More Progress on the Beast Snatch

In a recent workout I went for a PR towards my goal of 100 reps with the 48kg kettlebell. My goal here was 80 and although it was a struggle I hit it. (My previous record was 70.) A key in doing the kettlebell snatch or any endurance set is the right kind of pacing. […]

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Beast Snatch 50 in 5

Whew! This was a tough one. I decided to go after this goal and I hit it. But it took almost everything I had to get it. 50 reps in 5 minutes in the Beast Snatch Test If you’re following along here’s my progress so far. 34 reps in 5 minutes 62 reps in 10 […]

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First 10 Minute Beast Snatch Test

A few weeks ago I mentioned a new challenge I came up with, the Beast Snatch Test. Back then I did my first work towards it with a five minute version. Last week I went the full ten minutes and managed to get 62 reps. If you watch the video you’ll notice I used some […]

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