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How to Position Feet for Bodyweight Squats

A common question is how to position your feet for bodyweight squats. While this applies to all squats, weighted or not, there are some important aspects you’ll want to note, if you’re focusing on bodyweight. First of all, note that there is no one correct form. Anyone that tells you so is just being dogmatic. […]

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Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols

Limit to Bodyweight Leg Training?

Zoubair asks, “I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to build the muscles, the connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) and the bones of the lower body to a very high level, with only bodyweight? I mean, after mastering pistol squats, in order to strengthen those tissues much further, is there no other choice but using at […]

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How to Do Squats with Proper Technique

The following is a guest article from Paul Vandyken. Squats are a multi-joint exercise that engages most of the large muscles of our lower body. They hit our glutes, hips, hamstrings and thighs. Squats done properly are also perfect for our cardiovascular system. And if you’re looking for great butt exercises, then this is for […]

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Breath Hold Squats

Breath hold squats are something I’ve done on and off over the years. Recently, along with other breath hold work, I’ve got back at it. The following video shows 42 reps in the bodyweight squat while holding breath. If you’ve never done this before I recommend you give it a try, but make sure you […]

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Bodyweight Jump Squats

Anyone who strength trains long enough will probably reach a plateau, even with progressive overload. This can be incredibly discouraging, but fortunately the cure can be as easy as just changing things up a bit in your workout. One way to do that is to start incorporating bodyweight jump squats into your training program. I […]

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Bodyweight Squats vs Hindu Squats

In this article we’re going to discuss bodyweight squats vs hindu squats and which is better. As with a lot of my answers the answer here is it depends on what your goals are. In the previous post we covered regular bodyweight squat form. Now here is the Hindu squat form. The Benefits of Regular […]

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Bodyweight Squat Form

Many people will state that bodyweight squats are a great exercise to do but what is the correct bodyweight squat form? Here is my video that covers the basics. Bodyweight Squat Form The one major thing I’d like to point out is to go below parallel. Some poeple when starting out won’t be able to, […]

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Kettlebell and Bodyweight Exercise Workout

Today I’m going to give you a tough kettlebell and bodyweight exercise workout. I first came up with this workout after hearing reading about Bud Jeffries’ concept of Yardstick Conditioning in Twisted Conditioning 2 several years ago. I wanted a way to combine kettlebell exercises with bodyweight exercises in a single intense workout that would […]

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Conditioning Concepts

How do you know if your conditioning is getting better? Yes its easy when you do the same workout over and over again. If you are running then you know you’ve made progress when your times go down. If you are doing a set of kettlebell snatches or bodyweight squats you know you’re better if […]

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