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Walking may kill you faster…

A new study just came out showing that walking may not be so great for you…if you are doing it in a polluted area. This study was from the Lancet, titled “Respiratory and cardiovascular responses to walking down a traffic-polluted road compared with walking in a traffic-free area in participants aged 60 years and older […]

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Box Breathing

Box breathing is a specific form of cadenced breath. It is called box breathing because each leg of the breath, inhale, hold, exhale, hold, is the same length. Thus, if you drew it out in the number of seconds for each one turning 90 degrees for each transition, it would look like a box. Box […]

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Advanced Vacuum Exercises

What is shown here is an example of what I do with breathing vacuum exercises as part of my morning routine. Unfortunately, this is not the spot that I typically do this in, but it is a spot I do go to occassionally. I wanted a better back drop for this video than my home, […]

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Float Tanks to Refine Your Breathing?

While I was in San Diego the other week I finally went to a sensory deprivation tank. Been meaning to try one of those out for a long time and finally I did. For those that haven’t experienced or heard about these you get into a pitch black tank float naked in heavily salted warm […]

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Breath Hold Squats

Breath hold squats are something I’ve done on and off over the years. Recently, along with other breath hold work, I’ve got back at it. The following video shows 42 reps in the bodyweight squat while holding breath. If you’ve never done this before I recommend you give it a try, but make sure you […]

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Are You Breathing Crap?

Think about it right now…. What is the QUALITY of the air that you’re breathing into your body? Is this air supporting your health? Or is it taking away from it? Chances are, if you are indoors, it is pretty crappy air, unless you’ve done a few things to remedy the situation. If you’re outside […]

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6 Principles of Breathing Exercises

Is there a RIGHT way to breathe? And is there a WRONG way to breathe? Yes…and no. If you talk to most “experts” on deep breathing they’ll say their way is the one and only true way. (Just like in most other areas of life) Of course, this is complete and utter BS! I know, […]

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8 Ways To Improve Vitality

How do you become filled with life and vitality instead of feeling worn-out and tired. In this video and article I’ll talk about eight categories to improve vitality: Food Water Air Movement Sleep Stress Beliefs Excitement Most people do pretty well in some of these, but we need to work on all of them and […]

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