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Walking may kill you faster…

A new study just came out showing that walking may not be so great for you…if you are doing it in a polluted area. This study was from the Lancet, titled “Respiratory and cardiovascular responses to walking down a traffic-polluted road compared with walking in a traffic-free area in participants aged 60 years and older […]

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Box Breathing

Box breathing is a specific form of cadenced breath. It is called box breathing because each leg of the breath, inhale, hold, exhale, hold, is the same length. Thus, if you drew it out in the number of seconds for each one turning 90 degrees for each transition, it would look like a box. Box […]

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Meeting Wim Hof

This past weekend I was at the Longevity Now Conference in Anaheim. One of the speakers was the Ice Man, Wim Hof. In case you’re not familiar with him he’s the holder of 26 world records including the longest ice bath, climbing Mt. Everest in shorts, completing a marathon in the Arctic circle in shorts, […]

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Baby Cage

These cages were used to ensure that children got enough sunlight and fresh air while living in apartment buildings. This photo is from 1937. Most people looking at this would say something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a stupid and dangerous idea.” And while I agree that you would need to be 100% sure […]

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6 Steps to Psych Up

As I said in my previous article very few people give you any sort of specifics on the how to of psyching up. And remember this doesn’t mean you need to have people slapping you in the face. (I never liked that one personally, but hey I guess it works for some.) Psyching up is […]

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Podcast: Breathing Methods with Jon Haas

This week’s podcast features Jon Haas and a discussion on breathing methods and how different exercises can be used to achieve different aims and goals inside and outside the gym. [display_podcast] Instantly recover your breath faster with this breathing method Gain strength and the ability to keep going with this breathing method Do you only […]

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