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An Evolved Bob Hoffman

I’ve been called many things over the years. An evolved Bob Hoffmann is a new one to me! Ed writes in regarding Deceptive Strength: I love this book because it confirmed and reinforced many concepts I either knew or had an “innate” understanding, especially what I know best: Olympic Weightlifting and its support exercises. Also, […]

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Fast vs. Slow Exercise

Ricky asked me a lot of questions. A lot of them are great questions, so I chose to share them with the greater public too: “A couple of questions linger in my mind in regards to your Deceptive Strength (in particular) approach and philosophy… “You seem to think that faster reps are better for this […]

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Many kettlebells for training

Mass with Kettlebells

I’m putting on some muscle. I’ve known I should do this for a while, but I’m finally doing it. Why? Because adding some muscle to my frame will help me hit my main goal with the beast snatch test. What about for your goals? Recently, fasting over the new year and traveling (I know some […]

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Card Tearing Technique

Often times when I introduce myself in new settings I’ll do a feat of strength. Lately, I bring a couple decks of cards with me and tear them in half. I use to use phonebooks because they were readily available, but that’s not the case anymore. It shows and tells people a little bit about […]

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Applied Knowledge is Power

Had to share this comment from Inner Circle member, Scott. It flies in the face of the cultural idea that things get worse with age. (And we all need to work to overturn that idea both personally and then to influence others by example.) Hi Logan, Your newsletters and books are great! Have read Mental […]

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Desert Island and 300 lb Barbell

I received this question in from a new subscriber. It’s a great story and a great question so I thought I would share it with you. Hello Logan! I am honored to correspond with you. In all my years of obsession with the iron, I feel I have finally uncovered a lost piece in discovering […]

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Victor DeLamarre

French Canadian strongman and weightlifter Victor DeLamarre was born in 1888 in Quebec and he stood at just 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighted only 150 pounds. DeLamarre is best known for bent pressing 309.5 lb in a theater in Montreal, breaking Louis Cyr’s record and setting a new one. This deceptively strong man […]

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Old-Time Strongman Training Video

Just the other day I was interview by Josh Hewett of Our topic was the oldtime strongmen and training like them. You’ll find out: What is oldtime strongman training? Some of the best books by the strongest people… Understanding progression intimately What it takes to become a performing strongman Fun lifts you probably haven’t […]

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