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Hanging Body Whip Drill

shoulderIt is great to move your body in many different ways. As such, I often play with movements. And so it was that I found myself going from some hanging drills into the following: The Hanging Body Whip   Hang from a bar where you can keep your feet on the ground. Then rotate your […]

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How to Use Your Imagination for Exercise

Hey everyone, you guys can do this while you are sitting.  This just underlies the importance of the imagination in going further. Just go up straight.  Take your right arm and go behind you.  And notice how far you get.  And come back.  Neutral. Now just imagine yourself being able to turn your body all […]

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Kettlebell Overhead Squats

I’ve been doing some work on various overhead squats lately. That includes kettlebell overhead squats. With just a single kettlebell, it takes a bit less flexibility, as you can slightly lean to one side and back. Still I’m quite pleased with this recent PR, doing a few reps on both sides with the 48kg or […]

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Rock Bottom vs. Parallel

Ricky asks about squat depth: Logan, I read you saying somewhere you remember when you were younger every time you added weight to the bar on the squat you’d always start noticing yourself go a little less low to the floor! I laughed when I read this, because it sounds all too familiar! But you […]

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Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols

Limit to Bodyweight Leg Training?

Zoubair asks, “I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to build the muscles, the connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) and the bones of the lower body to a very high level, with only bodyweight? I mean, after mastering pistol squats, in order to strengthen those tissues much further, is there no other choice but using at […]

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The Grocery Stocker Workout

Got this interested questions in from Timothy last week and felt I’d share it with you. Hello Logan, I just recently purchased your ebook Mental Muscle. It’s very good, I haven’t finished it yet. My question for you is what type of exercises should I do to prepare to be a grocery stocker? I work […]

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San Diego Stairs Workout

This past week I’ve been in San Diego for two back to back events and conferences. I do travel quite a bit for my businesses, but it’s typically weekend or few day trips. In those cases I usually hit a solid workout the day before or day of when leaving, and then use that time […]

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7 Applications of Breathing

Yesterday we covered the 6 principles of breathing… Today we cover how those principles are used for different purposes. Breathing is about many things. Health Lung Capacity Strength Endurance Flexibility Relaxation Energy Circulation And so I group the 31 or so exercises I covered in Upgrade Your Breath into these different categories. There is no […]

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Airborne Lunge Vs Pistol Squats

What are the differences and similarities between the airborne lunge and the pistol? Although both of these exercises are one legged squats, with the airborne lunge the leg is behind you, whereas in the pistol the leg is in the front. As I mentioned in the previous video, most people will have some trouble with […]

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