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How Long does Mobility take?

Paul asked the following question inside the private group for Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle members: “My naive question would be how to get good mobility work done in the shortest time possible. I was doing Pavel Tsatsouline’s routine from Super Joints (the easy one!) and it was taking 20-30 minutes. I don’t have […]

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Improve Overhead Lifts With Partial Movements

I just put up another guest blog post at Breaking Muscle and this time it’s all about (very underrated) partial lifts. TALKIN’ ABOUT LOCKOUTS: PARTIAL REPS FOR OVERHEAD STRENGTH I’m a big fan of partial lifting as it provides certain benefits that differ from those of full-range lifting. While working through full ranges of motion […]

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5 BIG Lessons I Learned from Bud Jeffries

In this article I want to share with you five different big strength training lessons that have largely impacted my life that I learned from Bud Jeffries. #1 – Mixing and Matching Implements When I first got into serious training I was wrapped in the idea of being a bodyweight only guy. Then my friend […]

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