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Sit to Stand = DEATH

Wowza! I just came across this study. The name pretty much says it all: “Ability to sit and rise from the floor is a predictor of all-cause mortality.” That means the better you can get up off of the ground, the less likely you are to die! Here are the specifics: They used something called […]

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Hanging Core Exercises

Do you ever get fed up with doing isolating core exercises while lying on the ground? If you’re someone like me you most definitely do. A great alternative to lying on the ground would be to instead do hanging core exercises. The following video displays a couple of hanging core exercises. Before we get talking […]

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Full Body Kettlebell Workout

When it comes to functional movement, which one is better: isolation of a certain group of muscles or the whole body moving in a synergistic fashion? It is relatively obvious that when you train the body to synergistically move as one solid and functional unit you would be creating a foundation for it to move as functionally and optimally as possible. We could actually […]

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