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Easy Bodyweight Grip Hanging Progressions

The other day, an endurance athlete who was involved in Spartan Races asked me for some grip training advice. Without diving into complex equipment, I laid out these ideas for easy bodyweight grip hanging progressions. This is a low-equipment way anyone can use to develop strong hands and fingers. The basics are a: Two-handed bar […]

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Podcast: Clay Edgin on Strongman, Grip and Mas Wrestling

This episode features Clay Edgin, famed competitor in strongman, grip sport and also the little known in the US, mas wrestling. In this podcast you’ll find tons of tips for training all of the above, that Clay used to become massively strong.

What is Mas Wrestling and How to Get Started? _______ is the […]

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What It Takes To Be A Strongman

The following is a guest article from Jarell Lindsey. As an athlete, you can have many goals. A soccer star may wish to be the best defensive mid, so focus on some speed, some blocking accuracy, and a strong leg to send the ball back up the field. A competitive lifter may wish to focus […]

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How to Get Started in Grip Training

If you are looking to get started in grip training at home, there are many affordable (or even free) options. Most people will start with hand grippers, even though they are not so effective for developing grip strength for other things you might need, as they quite specific. However, if you are just getting started […]

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