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Hand Position in Handstand Pushups

Your hand position in handstand pushups is not often addressed, even by those that teach the benefits of this exercise. Yet this small piece of positioning makes a BIG impact. In short, by having your hands out a bit wider, it changes the length of the range of motion, thus making handstand pushups easier. By […]

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Bodyweight Isometrics

Seeing as bodyweight and isometrics are always popular subjects to my readers, this question from Charles covers both… Recently saw you doing some 1-arm chin-up isometric holds which are very difficult but awesome for building arm and back strength. Was wondering if you know of any other powerful bodyweight isometric holds, and if you planned […]

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The Problem with Crossfit

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program which is very popular and for a large part I like what they are doing. A lot of bodyweight exercises, kettlebells and barbell workouts and generally well rounded program is something that I practice myself. Of course what I’m talking about here is a generalization. Not all Crossfits […]

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How to Do a Handstand Pushup

We’ve all seen them. They looked real cool and impressive. Here are some ideas on how to do a handstand pushup. The first thing to do is to warm up your shoulder muscles. You can do this by simply shrugging your shoulders several times. Continue by making your arms into wings and flapping them up […]

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More Questions Answered

I figured I’d dive into the email file and answer a few questions today. “I’ve been working on the one armed handstand pushup and have gotten one armed handstand planks. Do you have any tips for faster progression with the one armed handstand pushup. I’m at partial ROM at the moment.” Jesse First off congratulations […]

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Handstand Pushup Book

The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups is now available. I know a number of you have been waiting for it, and for the launch you can get it now for $10 off the regular price. Those who ordered during the pre-publication offer should already have their copies, or at least they are on the way. […]

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Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups FAQ

The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups in flying of the shelves… …I guess that’s not technically true, since it’s not done yet and there are no shelves for it to fly off of. 🙂 But tons of people are taking action and ordering now. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many orders come in […]

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Mako Sakamoto’s Handstand Pushup Record

Mako Sakamoto is not likely a name you have heard. He was a US National Champ in the 1960’s and has coached many successful gymnasts, including Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar. One day during the athletes training they decided to find out how many freestanding handstand pushups they could do on the parallel bars. Mind […]

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