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Arch in Handstand Pushups

When it comes to handstand pushups, how little or how much you arch your back can make a big impact on the exercise. First of all, arching is not necessarily going to hurt you like some people claim. As long as you don’t do it excessively, which depends on what your body is able to […]

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Hand Position in Handstand Pushups

Your hand position in handstand pushups is not often addressed, even by those that teach the benefits of this exercise. Yet this small piece of positioning makes a BIG impact. In short, by having your hands out a bit wider, it changes the length of the range of motion, thus making handstand pushups easier. By […]

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Can EFT Improve Your Athletic Performance?

Check out my latest article at Breaking Muscle on EFT and how to improve your athletic performance. Is EFT the Secret to Enhanced Athletic Performance? I’ve been working on freestanding handstand push ups. If you’ve never tried them before, they’re quite the combo of strength and skill. Not only do you have to press up […]

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Vertical and Horizontal Presses and Pulls

I received a question regarding the balance between vertical presses and horizontal presses and pulls, with vertical exercises like pull-ups, overhead barbell press or handstand pushups versus horizontal presses like bench press, dumbbell rows, inverted rows and similar horizontal movements. Do you really need to do all of these to make a balance between horizontal […]

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Amazing 40 Handstand Presses

Professional acrobat Yuval Ayalon performs an amazing mixed set of 40 different handstand presses. 10 each of the following: Stalder Presses Handstand Pushups Pike Presses Straddle Presses To do just one of any of these moves is beyond most people. To string them together in this manner is amazing. What I find particularly interesting is […]

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Bodyweight Exercises for Shoulders

If your workout consists of mostly bodyweight exercises and your shoulders are lagging behind, or you’re just looking to increase more size to them, then this article might be of use to you. The shoulders lag behind for a lot of people, but fortunately changing hand positioning and load will improve things immensely. This video […]

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Full Range Handstand Pushup

Progression Tips for Handstand Push-ups

A new article on handstand push-ups progression and my “Aha” moment has been put on Dragon Door blog. Handstand Push-ups and My “Aha” Moment When I got started with bodyweight training my goal was to be able to do a handstand push-up against the wall. My upper body strength had always been quite weak as […]

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Explosive Bodyweight Exercises

Take a look at the corresponding video that reveals about 5 minutes worth of explosive bodyweight exercises. Notice the creativity that went into forming these exercises. Yes, some of the moves are complex for someone who is in the novel stages of learning, but the beauty in the video is not in the complexity—it is […]

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