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My Top Five Sleep Tips

A quick run through of my top five sleep sleep tips that can help boost your quality of sleep. Watch the video and read below. Belief Do you believe you’re good at sleeping? Do you believe your bad at sleeping? You may be thinking that belief doesn’t have anything to do with it, it’s just […]

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7 Applications of Breathing

Yesterday we covered the 6 principles of breathing… Today we cover how those principles are used for different purposes. Breathing is about many things. Health Lung Capacity Strength Endurance Flexibility Relaxation Energy Circulation And so I group the 31 or so exercises I covered in Upgrade Your Breath into these different categories. There is no […]

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3 Reasons NOT to drink Distilled Water

In response to my last email on my new favorite water filter, I got a response espousing why distilled water was the best option. Considering I didn’t talk about distilled water in my last email I figured I’d give my thoughts here. Here’s my three-fold issues with distill water. I did drink distilled water for […]

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William Pagel

William Pagel was a circus strongman born in 1878 in Germany. Like many men of his time, Pagel was a sailor in his young days and enjoyed traveling around the world. During one of those journeys Pagel decided to leave the ship and settle in Australia. When he turned 19, Pagel was in great physical […]

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Big Four Supplements

I figured I’d share just a few tips from the new book, and one new thing I just learned a whole lot about, that didn’t make the book. For awhile now I’ve recommended that most people be on three supplements. Why? Because somewhere between 70-95% of people are chronically deficient in these nutrients. Yet, these […]

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Podcast: Gluten Sensitivity with Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne discusses gluten sensitivity in detail you won’t find from most doctors. [display_podcast] The difference between Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity Why just avoiding “gluten-free” grains may not be enough Not sensitive? Find out if grains are still your best choice Genetic testing vs. Blood testing How gluten may effect your performance Are […]

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The Survey Results

Last week I put out a short survey regarding what you do. Well, the results are in and I thought it would be best to share them all with you, along with my comments about the appropriate areas. Before we dive into the results you have to understand that this is a skewed population. The […]

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legendary strength podcast

Podcast: Injuries and Healing

I have to be 100% honest with you. I hurt my low back and I did it with kettlebell juggling, something I proclaim as making you more injury proof. And I still believe this. This podcast is all about injuries and what you do to heal them. [display_podcast] So in this podcast I talk about: […]

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