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Beast Snatch x 91 reps in 10 minutes

I’m closing in… Unfortunately, as I near the end its only by a couple reps at a time. My previous best in the 10-minute beast snatch was 87 reps. In this workout I hit 91. But there is extra good news with that. As you can see in the video, in the first set I […]

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The Kettlebell

The following is an article by Sig Klein, that was originally published in Klein’s Bell.   The “kettle-bell” has been for years a very important factor in developing strength, yet the modern weight-lifter rarely, if ever, uses it. This is partly the fault of the governing body of the International Weight-Lifting Association, for kettle-bells are not […]

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Podcast: My 2013 Training Goals

In this podcast I discuss setting goals for the New Year and what my specific training goals are for this year.

What are my training goals for 2013? Public commitment as a double edged sword. The positive and negative sides to this tool. The difference in planning for a strength feat versus a skill […]

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Kettlebell Snatch

Broken Arm Kettlebell Snatch

There is a man that has has suffered from a broken arm from a kettlebell snatch. If you google it you’ll see a few reports about it, all from the same guy (who unfortunately shares a name with me.) I do not actually know this person. Apparently he is from Scotland. Even on one website […]

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Kettlebell Exercises for Back

This article will show you a number of kettlebell exercises for back development. First of all, I must say I don’t really think in terms of body parts when it comes to working out. The truth is most of these exercises work much more, like the legs and arms, along with the back. Also ask […]

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Conditioning Concepts

How do you know if your conditioning is getting better? Yes its easy when you do the same workout over and over again. If you are running then you know you’ve made progress when your times go down. If you are doing a set of kettlebell snatches or bodyweight squats you know you’re better if […]

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