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Beast Snatch x 91 reps in 10 minutes

I’m closing in… Unfortunately, as I near the end its only by a couple reps at a time. My previous best in the 10-minute beast snatch was 87 reps. In this workout I hit 91. But there is extra good news with that. As you can see in the video, in the first set I […]

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Single Snatch Set of PRs

When you have a goal, you generally cannot pursue it in a straight line. If it’s a big goal, it’ll need to be aimed at through several paths. This is true in training as well as much else. One of the ways that I’m pursuing my beast snatch test goal, is through different versions of […]

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Fools Kettlebell Technique

***(in the most sarcastic tone possible) Thank you so much Youtubers for your unsolicited advice. What would I possibly do without you?*** Just recently I received comments regarding my technique on two of my older kettlebell videos, along the same lines, but from different people. I call these people fools not because of their technical […]

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Many kettlebells for training

Mass with Kettlebells

I’m putting on some muscle. I’ve known I should do this for a while, but I’m finally doing it. Why? Because adding some muscle to my frame will help me hit my main goal with the beast snatch test. What about for your goals? Recently, fasting over the new year and traveling (I know some […]

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Kettlebell High Pull Set

Just wanted to share another recent PR in training as I work my way forward on the beast snatch test. As mentioned in a previous article and video, one of the support exercises I use is the high pull. I’ll do whole workouts where I shoot for more volume, or more in a certain time […]

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The Kettlebell

The following is an article by Sig Klein, that was originally published in Klein’s Bell.   The “kettle-bell” has been for years a very important factor in developing strength, yet the modern weight-lifter rarely, if ever, uses it. This is partly the fault of the governing body of the International Weight-Lifting Association, for kettle-bells are not […]

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Airborne Lunge Vs Pistol Squats

What are the differences and similarities between the airborne lunge and the pistol? Although both of these exercises are one legged squats, with the airborne lunge the leg is behind you, whereas in the pistol the leg is in the front. As I mentioned in the previous video, most people will have some trouble with […]

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Double Kettlebell Clean and Press

If you’re looking for a new way to test your strength and endurance, try this work out called the “Flynn-Fran” that incorporates the use of the double kettlebell clean and press. A friend of mine showed me this to ask for my opinion of it and it looks pretty killer. What is the Flynn-Fran? The […]

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