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70+ Year Old Martial Artists

A little while back Andrew sent me the following video, of a 75 year old martial artists doing a demonstration, breaking boards and blocks and much else. And, in a similar vein, on this page, I detail how I found a 70+ year old martial artist that became my mentor. The common idea that pervades […]

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MMA vs. Strongman

The following is a heavyweight bout from May 23, 2015 where former five-time world’s strongest man Mariusz Pudzianowski quickly knocks out Rolles Gracie, a 4th degree black belt in BJJ and 3rd degree in Judo. In the beginning of the UFC Royce Gracie grabbed everyone’s attention by taking out much bigger opponents with Brazilian jiu-jitsu […]

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Paul Anderson, The Mighty Young Apollo

He nearly died several times while performing, broke 30 world records in feats of strength, held 50 weightlifting records, got injured dozens of time and you’ll barely find anything about him online. The Man You Cannot Hang, the God of Steel, the Mighty Young Apollo, The Greatest Strongman of the Century – so many names […]

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Podcast: Breathing Methods with Jon Haas

This week’s podcast features Jon Haas and a discussion on breathing methods and how different exercises can be used to achieve different aims and goals inside and outside the gym.

Instantly recover your breath faster with this breathing method Gain strength and the ability to keep going with this breathing method Do you only […]

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More on Hill Sprints

I got several comments after last weeks article on hill sprinting. Since I just got back from the hill this morning I’ll address the comments. And in case your wondering how this sprinting session went, I dropped my time from 30 seconds down to 29 for the first two sprints. “I’m all about hill sprints […]

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