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Multiple Ways to Imagine…

Two days ago, I told you about an idea I found from Ironmind’s Milo magazine that I really liked. (If you missed that one about injury prevention you can check it out here.) Now, something I disagree with. This is from an article on Mental Training for All Athletes by Evan Perperis, NSCA-CPT. Overall, I […]

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That Kinesthetic Feeling…

It’s amazing… Amazing how OUT of touch people are with their bodies. I know we place all the value on our brains in our culture, but damn. From the neck down many people have next to zero bodily awareness. Even among trainers and athletes…it can be very bad. Sure, you have enough proprioception to touch […]

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Mind Muscle Connection

Anyone that has been involved in strength or muscle building for even a short amount of time is likely to come across the term, mind muscle connection. But like many things having to do with the mind it is ill-defined. Being ill-defined it is then tough to really develop as there is no clear roadmap. […]

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Big Muscle Gains on Little Time…

Don asks the following questions regarding muscle gains on limited time. I’ve purchased a number of your materials through Dragon Door and through Legendary Strength. Thank you for creating such great quality stuff. I have a question for you regarding training frequency for muscle gain. Could you provide any guidance on how often a person […]

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Applied Knowledge is Power

Had to share this comment from Inner Circle member, Scott. It flies in the face of the cultural idea that things get worse with age. (And we all need to work to overturn that idea both personally and then to influence others by example.) Hi Logan, Your newsletters and books are great! Have read Mental […]

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First Ring Muscle Up at 60

I love to share successes of those who put into practice what I teach. This video from Greg is a perfect example. I did it! My first ring muscle up after 2&1/2 years. I first saw a picture many years ago of someone who had done a bar muscle up, the article stated that this […]

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