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Ido Portal – Just Move

Recently, this documentary was release. It is titled Just Move and is about Ido Portal and his teachers regarding movement. For anyone interested in movement (and hint: everyone should be considering you move throughout your life) this is worth watching. You can find more of the movie, as well as bonus Q&A’s and more at […]

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That Kinesthetic Feeling…

It’s amazing… Amazing how OUT of touch people are with their bodies. I know we place all the value on our brains in our culture, but damn. From the neck down many people have next to zero bodily awareness. Even among trainers and athletes…it can be very bad. Sure, you have enough proprioception to touch […]

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Sit to Stand = DEATH

Wowza! I just came across this study. The name pretty much says it all: “Ability to sit and rise from the floor is a predictor of all-cause mortality.” That means the better you can get up off of the ground, the less likely you are to die! Here are the specifics: They used something called […]

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Maxick's Muscle Control

Move the Damn Things!

Two weeks ago, I shared a mobility drill that I first learned from studying muscle control, and then further worked with through what I call “Intuitive Mobility.” Specifically, it was the Shoulder Blade Box Mobility Drill. (In case you missed it, you can find it on the blog here.) Well, I received the following response […]

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9 Segment Spine Mobility Drill

Most mobility drills are divided up into the three segments of the spine: The lumbar or low back The thoracic or mid back The cervical or neck The thoracic is quite immobile in most people from lack of movement; so that becomes an important starting piece of any joint mobility. Here, we don’t just use […]

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Why Bodyweight Should Be 50+% of Your Training

Bodyweight training. I have a special love for it. It’s the first kind of training that I did where I began to see real results. The bodybuilding at 24 Hour Fitness just wasn’t accomplishing much before that. I don’t have a naturally muscular build. I’m the classic ectomorph or hardgainer. So adding muscle to my […]

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My Morning Routine and 10000 Hours

So I asked myself the same question I discussed in my article yesterday. What is the ONE thing I could turn into a habit that would make the biggest impact on my life? The answer was training. Of course I was already working out regularly. Typically five days a week. But this wasn’t enough… I thought about the 10000 […]

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What Do I Need and What Should I Do?

I received this great question that really deserved a lengthy article to answer it. Here’s the question and then my reply below. “I constantly have questions running through my head, so here’s one from my training session today. How well rounded should I be and how do I get myself there? It’s a confusing question, […]

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Dub Step

Various forms of dancing are some of the best showcasing of movement out there. Although I love strength, I really enjoy anyone’s ability to move well. I don’t know much about Dub Step but I really enjoyed this video. This guy can move! Who needs mobility training when you can do this!

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