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A Basic Bodyweight Workout Plan

Shane asks about a basic bodyweight workout plan: “What is a good place to start a body weight workout? I cannot do strict military pull ups, but have always wanted to. I’ve tried negatives etc with no success.” You start with where you are at. The main thing to do with bodyweight, or otherwise, is […]

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Rafter Rows

One thing I never really had an opportunity to work on is rafter pullups. If you’re not familiar with this exercise, it is where you pinch a rafter, fingers on one side, thumbs on the other, and holding up yourself just like this, you do pullups. In my new place were some rafters I could […]

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Progressive Slides vs. Jumps

If you want to become stronger (more enduring, flexible, skilled, etc.) it comes down to progression. If you understand the principles of progression then you can achieve just about any physical thing. It’s just a matter of putting in the work over time. People often ask, how do you tear a phonebook in half? Besides […]

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Podcast: Progression and Movement Quality with Tyler

My good friend Tyler Bramlett joins me once again as we discuss progression and movement quality.

How so many people get Progression Wrong and How You Can Get It Right Using Form as a Method of Progression What is Movement Quality all about? The Failure of so many programs like P90X and Crossfit How […]

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Weightlifting Straps

When you reach a certain point of progress and start moving some serious weight, the first part of the body which will often give out is your hands. The muscle in the back and legs are much larger and even with strong hands, you’ll still benefit from using straps to keep up with the progress. […]

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HSPU's, Flags & Levers

I’ve been making great progress in my training recently and I figured it was time to share with you what I’ve been doing and some lessons from it. If you’re following me on Facebook then you may have already seen these. But in any case there will be many more details here. Freestanding Handstand Pushups […]

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NLP for Fitness Part 10

I think I may have uncovered a huge key for training success. It’s fairly easy to make progress in training. Even if it’s not always the most linear progress, you should be making some form on improvement at all times. But is this as far as it can go? What if you could train linearly, […]

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No not me, but one of my products. The Keys to Successful Training Online Course will be going away permanently in just a few days. I have to tell you a bit of story about it to get to why. First of all, it was to be the culmination of everything I do in my […]

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Ironmind Nails

Nail Bending Progressions

Got a great question from Felipe the other day that I wanted to tackle, concerning progressions in nail bending. First of all congratulations Logan for having such a great website your one of the strong men I follow because you have such great information and knowledge. I will be buying the advanced bridging course some […]

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