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Strength is a Skill (What does this mean?)

What does it mean when you hear strength is a skill? This quote, originally from Pavel Tsatsouline, changed how I viewed strength. I read through his book, The Naked Warrior, applied some of the techniques and was instantly stronger. That had never happened before, and it instantly opened my eyes to a new way of […]

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How to Boost Performance 300%

I have mentioned the flow state and how the science has investigated this further.  Specifically, studies have found that people in the “flow state” release a number of different neurotransmitters and hormones. These include: Norepinephrine & Dopamine: Tightens focus and keeps us in the NOW. Speeds up muscle reaction time, improves pattern recognition. Anandamide: pain reliever, […]

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Backflips Anywhere and Anytime

Back flips are hands-down one of my favorite of all skills to have. It’s simple in execution yet showcases you have some awesome skill that many people “want” to have. Check out this new video where I talk about the important things in the back flip and my new back flip book.

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