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Fast vs. Slow Exercise

Ricky asked me a lot of questions. A lot of them are great questions, so I chose to share them with the greater public too: “A couple of questions linger in my mind in regards to your Deceptive Strength (in particular) approach and philosophy… “You seem to think that faster reps are better for this […]

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Rock Bottom vs. Parallel

Ricky asks about squat depth: Logan, I read you saying somewhere you remember when you were younger every time you added weight to the bar on the squat you’d always start noticing yourself go a little less low to the floor! I laughed when I read this, because it sounds all too familiar! But you […]

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Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols

Limit to Bodyweight Leg Training?

Zoubair asks, “I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to build the muscles, the connective tissue (tendons and ligaments) and the bones of the lower body to a very high level, with only bodyweight? I mean, after mastering pistol squats, in order to strengthen those tissues much further, is there no other choice but using at […]

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Getting Started in Modern and Oldtime Strongman

Christopher (no relation) asks: What are some good resources for a person who’s never done strongman training to get started? There’s alot of info out there and it can get a little overwhelming. Any help would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks for your time! First of all it’s important to distinguish “strongman” further and this is […]

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PCC Century Test

Next weekend I’m going to be one of the assistant instructors at the Progressive Calisthenics Certification in Mountain View, CA. I look forward to teaching others tips and progressions of bodyweight exercises. (Plus I always pick up a few insights myself at these events.) Anyway, I want to share a “workout” with you. In order to […]

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PR Report 11-23-13

A short week of training due to travel, I wanted to make up for lost time by doing a much higher volume of squatting than normal. Front Squats 135 lbs. 10 x 10 And that made me pretty sore for many days so no more squatting besides that. I worked on changing up my bending […]

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