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Muscle Control Routines by Otto Arco

I just put up another article in the Strongman Profile series at Breaking Muscle featuring another small framed strongman – Otto Arco. Strongman Profile: Otto Arco Teaches Us About Muscle Control Techniques Otto Arco was a Polish strongman and wrestling champion. Born in 1881 as Otto Nowosielsky, he didn’t have the typical strongman profile. He was […]

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Victor DeLamarre

French Canadian strongman and weightlifter Victor DeLamarre was born in 1888 in Quebec and he stood at just 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighted only 150 pounds. DeLamarre is best known for bent pressing 309.5 lb in a theater in Montreal, breaking Louis Cyr’s record and setting a new one. This deceptively strong man […]

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William Pagel

William Pagel was a circus strongman born in 1878 in Germany. Like many men of his time, Pagel was a sailor in his young days and enjoyed traveling around the world. During one of those journeys Pagel decided to leave the ship and settle in Australia. When he turned 19, Pagel was in great physical […]

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When to Psych and When Not To

Among weightlifters you see psyching up fairly commonly. Among people that do bodyweight training you don’t see it nearly as much. Why is that? Do you know? If you go back in the sports psychology research from about 30 or so years ago one of the things they often talk about is “Arousal Levels”. This doesn’t have to do with […]

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David Blazer

David Jacob Blazer was a sailor and strongman born in 1886. He was most popular between 1914-1918 as a strongman performer, but David also for appeared in numerous ads for the Maxalding course as Seaman Blazer. Furthermore, David Balzer was featured in “History of the Iron Game” by a well-known strength historian W.J. Lowry. Blazer […]

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Galen Gough

Galen Gough was a strongman born in 1899 in Kentucky, at his grandparents’ home. Even as a child, Galen was bigger and taller than his coevals and most people believed that genes are to blame, since Galen’s father was quite large man as well. Early days Not many of us live up to our childhood […]

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Clevio Massimo

Antonio Clevio Massimo Sabatino was a strongman performer better known as Clevio Massimo on the stage. He was born in 1895 in Italy with good genes, since his father and two uncles were quite large men, known as “the three giants”. Antonio grew up in Buffalo, NY where his family emigrated when he was a […]

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Maxick on Muscle Control

Strongman Profile series on Breaking Muscle wouldn’t be complete without Maxick, the master of muscle control. Strongman Profile: Maxick Teaches Us the Lost Art of Muscle Control Muscle control is for the most part a lost art that is no longer widely applied today. Yet a hundred years ago there was one man whose name […]

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Max Sick

Max Sick

Max Sick was a strongman and gymnast from Austria born in 1882, most famous for developing the Maxalding system with Monte Saldo. But he did much more than that. Early Life Born to Swiss parents, Maxick developed rickets and dropsy along with lung problems at a very young age. This set of conditions set him […]

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