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How does someone even dream this up?

That was a question I received on my 1003 lb. wrestler’s bridge support. I’m not sure if that was meant in a good way, or bad, but it made me pause to think. If you haven’t seen this video, one of the feats I’ve done that I’m most proud of, check it out below. So how did […]

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The 50% Workout

As you know if you’ve been paying attention I’m working on my goal of 100 snatches with the 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell in 10 minutes. When I first imagined undertaking this goal I thought it would be a little bit easier than it has turned out. This isn’t the first time I underestimated a […]

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Strengthen Your Structure and the 1000 lb. Club

The majority of fitness and even strength training is focused on the muscles and also the cardiovascular system. But that’s not all there is to having a strong and fit body. If you only focus on your muscles, they may be strong but what about everything else? Injuries can and do occur in the tendons […]

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1000 lb. Neck Bridge

I did it! I’ve had this goal in mind for several years now, ever since I really got started with weighted bridging. Over 1000 pounds! As you’ll see pointed out in the video the total is 1003 lbs. (about 456 kg) 275 lb. barbell lifted overhead 495 lb. barbell placed over the legs 5 lb. […]

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How to Build a Bigger Neck

What is the best way to build a bigger and stronger neck? In my regular training for neck strength, I prefer numerous variations of the wrestler’s bridge – which can be found on my YouTube channel or here on the website. However, there is another exercise which is very effective for developing neck muscles in […]

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Charles Atlas

Charles Atlas was born in Italy in 1892 as Angelo Siciliano. He moved to the USA with his parents when he was 13 years old in search for a better life, which turned out to be the right decision later on. Angelo started training after visiting the Brooklyn Art Gallery where he was inspired by […]

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