Do you want to be…BUZZING WITH ENERGY?!?

Energy Drills You’ll Feel Tangible Effects From…Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Is this just some “woo-woo” crap?

I used to believe that. I was a skeptic. Energy, schmenergy!

But when I saw a teacher manipulate energies which then causes physical changes with people, I had to investigate it thoroughly.

I’ve always been at least open to trying seemingly off-the-wall things with the slim chance that they actually work and deliver.

When I set new records in the gym after doing some odd energy drills I was hooked!

After all, that’s why I started using hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and more in my strength training and fitness like you can find inside Mental Muscle or my Fitness Maximizer hypnotic tracks.

You see, I was not born naturally strong, nor athletic. As I got into training, I was always on the lookout for a “secret weapon.” I was seeking out things that others were neglecting that could …

Unlock Super Human Abilities

The Buzzing with Energy program is one of those things.

Working with that teacher was just the beginning. Over the next few years I paid thousands of dollars and spent many, many days to go through a two-year Eden Energy Medicine Certification. I also received my certification in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a method of energy psychology.

I went beyond learning that energy was real. I learned how to use it for healing energetically, physically and psychologically too. And I found it could then be used for so much more.

The sad fact is there is a whole lot from all that training that I do not use these days. But there are a few things that I’ve found absolutely instrumental.

And of these, I’ve boiled down the best of the best of these energy drills in a simple to do, relatively short and powerful routine.

They’re Raving about “Buzzing with Energy”…

I had no plans of ever releasing it outside of my membership program where I created it originally. But when I heard the results, I knew I had to share it with more people…

Incredibly Specific Energy Training

I’ll be the first to admit. There is a lot of fuzzy language and thinking out there when it comes to energy. There is plenty of “woo-woo crap”.

That’s not for me. I like specifics. I like step-by-step protocols. And that is what I deliver to you in this program. Here’s some of what you’ll find inside:

  • A Simple Way to be able to FEEL Energies between Your Hands for the First Time. This will help prove to yourself you’re dealing with something very real and tangible. You’ll also discover the “Palm Point” that helps put this into Overdrive
  • How to Turn Around a Morning where You Wake Up Feeling like Crap, Sluggish with Cloudy Thinking (outside of using pot upon pot of coffee!)
  • How to use a “Shotgun Approach” to Reflexology so you get Bigger Bang for Your Buck in a Minimum Amount of Time
  • Why Needles, as used in Acupuncture, are Unnecessary
  • Ouch! These points hurt! Discover why and how pain can be your guide into Tuning up Your Body’s Energy Systems
  • This Meridian acts as a Battery to Jumpstart all your other Meridians. Use this one point to get your energies moving
  • Why and How to Support a Special Gland that acts as the “Training School” for your White Blood Cells, and thus Your Immune Function
  • This point was “Forgotten” from most EFT and Energy Psychology, yet I believe is one of the Most Important. Do NOT neglect this Meridian and Organ System
  • This Special Point would give the Soldiers in Armies the Extra Energy Needed to March an Extra Three Miles after a long day of Marching. So Powerful that some Warn Against its Use.
  • “The Microcosm Reflects the Macrocosm” – Understanding this Principle helps to Supercharge Your Whole Body Three Times Over in One Minute
  • What and Where the 12 Source Points are and How to Juice Up Your Organ Health with Them
  • How the “Source Points of Source Points” taps into several “Extraordinary Flows” and has even Helped some get out of Back Pain Instantly
  • Pump Your Lymph, not through Movement, but through these Special Reflex Points
  • Help to Balance Adrenaline and Cortisol with these Points near the Belly Button
  • Two Methods of Activating the Shock Points to release Trauma from Your Body
  • This Stretch makes it so that Energy Flows Smoothly through Your Joints rather than Collecting and Stagnating in Them
  • The Spiral Alignment Breath is one of the Most Potent Breathing Exercises I’ve ever encountered that Activates and Connects Your Chakra System
  • How Yawning is a Sign of Energies Moving
  • A Simple Before and After Test You can use to Know the Buzzing with Energy Routine is working for You
  • What a Qi Ball Feels Like
  • The Tiny Posture Key Points Necessary for Allowing Energy to Flow
  • Pulsing, Polishing and Feeling the Magnetic Pull of Qi Gong
  • Working with the Three Dan Tians to Charge and Store Energy so That You Become More Energized Over Time

What’s Inside Buzzing with Energy?

I first created this course a few years ago, but recently went in and updated it with even more, as well as shooting brand new videos which are now available.

On the download page you’ll get access to after ordering you’ll find:

  1. The 12 Page PDF Guide
  2. The Buzzing with Energy Explanation and Walkthrough Video (Viewable Online or Downloadable – 50 minutes long)
  3. The Buzzing with Energy Follow Along Routine Video (Viewable Online or Downloadable – 15 minutes long)

The fact is that this routine is expandable or collapsible in time. You can spend as little as five minutes, skipping a few of the drills. Or you could spend an hour on it if you choose.

Once you’ve practiced it a few times you’ll know these points and drills and be able to use them ANY time you choose. Need a little boost? You’ll know how to tap into your energetic architecture to deliver just that!

Guaranteed Difference in Your Energy or Your Money Back

Look, I know you may not believe me. And you may not believe the other people’s comments about the program either.

That’s why I offer a 3-month money back guarantee on everything I offer. If you don’t like it for whatever reason you can let me know. Since it’s a downloadable product, there is nothing to routine and no risk on you.

More so I am telling you that the Buzzing with Energy routine liberates human energies in a way you’ve likely never felt before. In fact, I GUARANTEE you feel a difference. If you don’t the worst thing is you’ve spent a little time.

Sound fair?

If so, all you have to do is click the Order Now Button Below.

Buzzing With Energy Course
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If you don’t feel like this is worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take three months to decide if it’s worth it to you. With the physical version we’ll just ask that you send it back in.