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470 lb Deadlift

Three Keys to Fast Progress

Hit a 470 lb. deadlift yesterday. For those keeping track (like me) that’s another 15 lb. increase in 10 days. I was surprised I maxed out again so recently this time, but the journal doesn’t lie. Also, for the record that’s just past the 2 ½ times bodyweight mark. Closing in on 500. Not world […]

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Are Supplements Evil?

Supplements are evil! Supplements are good! Find out the truth in this video… The contest continues (and a winner will be announced tomorrow). Leave your comments below to enter.

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Health Mindset

Join me as I discuss my interest in health and how it’ll lead to the best performance in all areas of your life. To enter the contest described in the video simply comment below. In a few days I’ll pick one commenter at random and announce the winner. In health, Logan Christopher

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Revolutionary Health Non-Technology

Recently I told you that in addition to strength training and feats of strength I’d start to talk more on the subject of health. Health is important. It seems to me that the majority of trainees these days don’t pay enough attention to it. If you workout then scarf down a couple Big Macs you’re […]

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Turkey Tail

My Most Important Message Ever

First off, I’ll have the full story of my hair pulling performance later. Just getting the video ready to go and writing it up. Until then…this may be the most important message I’ve ever written. (Deep breath) Okay, here we go… My mother passed away less than six months ago from cancer. It was the […]

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longevity conference

Learn from the Longevity Conference

With the introduction of the health section here I’m going to be showing you lots more on what I do. And this so happens to be timely. I mentioned in a previous post about the Longevity Conference and how mind blowing of an event it was. Well, now you can get access to it. Click […]

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strength and health magazine

Strength and Health

Strength and health are tied together. At least that’s the way it should be. That’s the reason that probably the greatest physical culture magazine was called by that name. Yet today more than ever people seem to divorce the two. There should be little if any difference in training for strength and training for your […]

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Tight Wraps for Maximized Bending

This is a guest post by Jedd Johnson of the Diesel Crew. Jedd competes in Grip Contests, loves Feats of Grip Strength, and has written several Grip training resources, including his Nail Bending eBook and Card Tearing eBook which I highly recommend. If you bend steel you’ll want to pay attention to this article. Does […]

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Wrist Flexibility Article

Many people have problems with this issue. I’ve decided to take my special report found only in the Hand Balancing Mastery Course and post it up in the articles section. This will help anyone who has troubles with their wrists when doing hand balancing. Wrist Stretching and Soreness

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Benefits of Inversions

This past weekend at a longevity conference I learn one more benefit of inversions. Did you know that every species on this earth suffers from osteoarthritis? That is except for two, bats and sloths. What makes these two immune to this disease? They spend so much time hanging upside down! I’m not saying headstands or […]

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