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What is Functional Strength? Part 3

I was going to get to my thoughts on the topic of functional strength today, but I’m going to have to hold off. Busy times with the holiday, my friend’s wedding and everybody in town. So to hold you off here’s the thoughts of Aldo that he sent in. It’s something of an essay on […]

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Having Fun with your Strength Training

Are you having fun with your strength training? That’s an important question to ask yourself. If you actually enjoy the process of training hard, however that may be, you’re bound to have bigger gains. As opposed to just going through the motions because you want to get in shape. It amazes me that many people […]

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The Strongman Manifesto

You can get the Strongman Manifesto now, and discover how to become as strong as you possibly can. If you want to learn how to unlock your strength to the best of your abilities click here to read. Download it, read it and let me know what you think. You can email me or post […]

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Handstand Pushups and Handstand Hand Positions

Got two more handstand questions I’ll dig into today. I have to admit the quality of the questions has stepped up recently at least for the most part. Submit yours at https://www.lostartofhandbalancing.com.Here we go. The first one is from Ari. “OK, Logan, I can balance on my hands, and I have the strength to do […]

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Strongman Manifesto soon to arrive

I’m just finishing up a special report called the Strongman Manifesto that you’ll be able to get early next week at no cost. Just wanted to let you know its coming. I’ve been writing it for several months off and on but its just about complete. To give you a glimpse at what’s coming here’s […]

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Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year

Part two of the Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year journey is now up on the site. Find out more about my training and the contest itself. Most importantly what made the difference and allowed me to come out on top. Plus you get to see the trophy.In strength, Logan Christopher  

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Ultimate Royal Court Challenge

Happy Memorial Day. I hope you had a great time this weekend and on this fine holiday. While many take it easy on a holiday, I think it’s an even better time for a hard workout. Maybe even an epic challenge of sorts. There’s a new article on the site dealing one such challenge. This […]

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David Webster on Hand Balancing

Strength historian David Webster wrote this about hand balancing in 1963: “Few physical culturists attracted to balancing have any ambitions to perfect a first class act and top the bill at the variety theatres or on television, this has happened time and time again to fellows who set out to learn a handstand just for […]

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Taking Time Off from Handstands

Every once in a while you need to take a little time off from your training. This could be a few days or a week. Maybe a month while you focus on other goals. This is not a bad thing. Sure, you won’t be making direct progress during that time. But more often than not, […]

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Tumbling Tip to Train Relaxation + A Deadline

Today is the last day you’ll be able to get your hands on the Tumbling Course for the launch price of $49. After midnight tonight (PST), it goes up to $79. I know I’ve been mentioning a lot. But I don’t want someone to come after me in an angry manner because they failed to […]

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