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Light Weights vs Heavy Weights

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Question about light weights vs. heavy weights for strength What is better to use, heavy weights or light weights? Marcelo asks: I want to build well-rounded athleticism and strength and have followed some of the workouts from some of your programs and books such as Deceptive Strength and Indestructible body. …

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Are you into isometrics? If so, you’ve got to take a look at this. Dragondoor is taking pre-orders for a new device called the ISOCHAIN. I’ll come right out and say it. This device is fairly expensive even at the pre-order price! And for the most part, it is something …

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How to do a Barbell Bent Press

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The bent press is also known as the screw press. It is not to be confused with a bench press although the name sounds similar. Rather than a real press it is more of a moving support. With practice, very large weights can be handled. It’s a challenging lift and …