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Joe Nordquest

Joe Nordquest was a classic strongman back in the early part of last century. He was the brother of ‘The Young Sandow’ Alfred Nordquest. Here are some of his hand balancing exploits. From Klein’s Bell in November of 1931: Joe Nordquest performed a one hand stand and with the free hand lifted a 100 pound […]

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Saxon, Sandow and others want to help you

I got an idea for something that hasn’t been done before in this field and it really got me excited. You know, there’s a goldmine of strength training and physical culture information left behind by some of the strongest men that ever walked this earth. Ripe for the taking. But how much of it is […]

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Phonebook Tearing Battle

I haven’t spent much time on phonebook tearing recently. Simply because some of my other feats need more work, like tearing decks of cards. But I’d still throw it into my workouts every once in a while. Most of the time this was at the end and I’d use a large book for isometrics. This […]

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Tweaking Your Training Plans

There are often regular breaks in your routine which should be used to change up how you train. One example is travel for any length of time. With certainty any travel is going to disrupt any plan of training you have. You may not have the right equipment to do the job, or you just […]

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Feats of Strength on the Road

Been traveling around the past week and a half. Nowadays it seems there is something that is always of staple of me doing that. And that is performing a few feats of strength for others. I did a few here and there, but there was one night down in Huntington Beach where I did more […]

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Combining Feats of Strength

I’ve been filming for a new DVD set. Not going to say much about it now but you can catch a sneak peak. This video isn’t part of the content but something I came up with while on the ‘set’ and wanted to give a try. A new combination feat of strength. Requires neck strength, […]

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Impeccable Technique

Last night saw the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. And what a Games it was! Sad to say its all over now. But at least I’ll be getting more down now that I’m back to not watching several hours of TV every single day. Anyway, I was watching a bit of the weightlifting the other […]

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Old-Time Strongman Seminar Part 4

Just a few pictures left from the Oldetime Strongmen University. Have you ever tried to drive a nail through a board using your hand as the hammer? Dennis shows us how. I hadn’t really done this one before hand but if you want to learn how Dennis has got the DVD on it, How to […]

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Old-Time Strongmen Seminar Part 3

Here’s a few other people from the seminar performing various feats of strength. First up, we have Aaron McKenzie doing one of the feats he’s best at. Tearing a deck of cards in two. It pretty amazing that he’s now one of the best, probably second only to Dennis, when not all that long ago […]

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Old-Time Strongmen Seminar Part 2

Today we feature two rising stars in the small world of performing strongman. You may never have heard the name Chris Rider before. But you will now and definitely more in the future. In just over a year of practicing these feats he is already one of the top guys. Here are a few pictures […]

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