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What is Functional Strength?

Ask and you shall receive. Eric Spence sent in this excellent question. “Logan ,with such an emphasis upon bodyweight and kettlebell lifting. I am an ex-college football player. I remember seeing some big ,powerful, fast, flexible athletes. This was at a time in which kettlebell/bodyweight training was not the norm. These guys training a lot […]

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Ask Your Training Questions.

What would you like to hear about? Head on over to https://www.legendarystrength.com/question.html and ask away.If you ask a question I’ll do my best to answer it whether its on bodyweight exercise, kettlebells, feats of strength, how I train, conditioning, nutrition, or any specific exercises. Let me know what YOU want to know. Plus feel free […]

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More on Odd Object Lifting

  Big Red was an anchor weight. Instead of letting it sit unused my brother got a hold of it and we started using it to lift. We decided to paint it one day to cover the rust and give it a bit of personality (hence the name). It’s roughly 160 lbs. Not the heaviest […]

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Odd Object Lifting

Been re-reading the strength training classic Dinosaur Training. If you don’t have the book, get your hands on it. Plus Brooks Kubik, has a new website. One of the things I’ve added into my training is the lifting of a heavy odd object. I’ve got a unique tool named Big Red. I’ll get a video […]

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How to Hold a Handstand

A few things to cover today. First a questions from Brian. “my handstand stays in air for less than 3 seconds. at times i do better and most times i do worse. i tried the wall to gain back strength but i never seem to get better. Its been 3 months that way. im not […]

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Bodyweight Exercise for Strength Article

Yep, one more article up on the site. Bodyweight exercises should form the basis of anyone’s routine, at least in the beginning. By this I don’t mean you should do exclusively bodyweight training but you need to have the basics down before moving on to anything else. Bodyweight Strength Training can be used by itself […]

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How to Bend Nails

Yet another article is up on the site. This one delves into the feat of strength known as nail bending. Even if you’re not interested in bending nails for the sake of bending nails, you might want to try it out for the strength you’ll build in your hands, wrists, and whole body. There’s also […]

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Strongman Manifesto soon to arrive

I’m just finishing up a special report called the Strongman Manifesto that you’ll be able to get early next week at no cost. Just wanted to let you know its coming. I’ve been writing it for several months off and on but its just about complete. To give you a glimpse at what’s coming here’s […]

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Weightlifting and Hand Balancing

Does lifting weights help to hand balance? The answer is yes and no. Let me qualify all the following by saying there are many different ways to lift weights. Whether you are doing power lifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, or just good old fashioned strength training with barbells and dumbbells. How you lift matters as much […]

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An Odd Feat of Strength You Gotta See

There is a new video and article up on the site. If you enjoy odd feats of strength you’ll definitely want to see this one. Towing A Truck ‘Mighty Atom’ Style Grow Powerfully, Logan Christopher  

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