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Quitting the Beast Snatch

Well, I don’t quite look at it that way. Instead, I am switching gears. For years, I’ve pursued the Beast Snatch Test, where I aimed to do 100 snatches in 10 minutes with a 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell. I’m setting aside this goal…for now. I don’t see this as a failure, just something I […]

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Adding Variety and Complexity

Think about great powerlifters for a moment. Recently, I heard an interview with one of the best out there, who shall remain nameless, saying that if he raised his arm above his head it basically would pinch a nerve and he’d pass out. I don’t know about you, but that’s not something that I want. […]

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One Hand Sledgehammer Swing

Most people heard of or even have done sledgehammer swings against the tire, but not many are familiar with the one handed version. Why do it one handed, you ask? When you’re trying to reach a goal the best solution is to specifically work towards that goal. Be that as it may, the body doesn’t […]

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Building an Indestructible Body

The idea behind the Indestructible Body is about building your body to the point of being injury proof. Not only will these exercises and drills help you to prevent future injuries, but the same methods are used to rehab old and often times chronic injuries. What derails more people from working out than any other […]

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Two Flexibility Workouts to Improve Your Pistol

I put up a new post at Breaking Muscle about two drills to help you improve your pistol. 2 Flexibility Drills: The Keys to Progressing Your Pistol The pistol is one of the best bodyweight exercises for leg training. Even the average person can work up to repping out two-legged squats with just a bit […]

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Working Up to a Handstand Against the Wall

My newest article on Breaking Muscle will help you work your way up to a handstand against the wall. How to Work Up to a Handstand Against the Wall Doing a handstand against the wall is not a difficult move to do. It doesn’t require much strength, as when you do it right, you’re using […]

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Balance and Symmetry in the Body

A great question came in from AJ the other day regarding balancing and symmetry in the body. “What is the most direct approach to creating a balanced body? by that I mean a body with symmetry, structural integrity, and the ability to produce equal amounts of force from opposing limbs.” Great question and I have […]

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Unilateral Kettlebell Exercises

One of my favorite alternative styled workouts to do involves taking two heavy weights, picking up both weights, one in each hand, and walking as fast as possible for a given time or distance—most commonly known as the farmer walk. At this point, you’re probably in a concerned state wondering if I happened to get […]

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One Arm Handstand Lean

In my working towards a one arm handstand I’ve figured out that the amount you must lean over your hand is quite significant. Even more than you may think is necessary. Without this lean you won’t be able to get into a balance. So if you’ve been working towards this skill like I have, try […]

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Professor Paulinetti

Gaining Skills at Older Age

I got this in just a couple days ago from Steve. Thank you. I am a 60–almost 61–year old man, 6’1″, about 185 lbs. I have lifted off and on since age 15, trying to stay in shape. During my college years I did a small amount of handstands. I taught myself to do them […]

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