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Workouts that Build Your Brain

I love science…but it’s not without it’s problems. One of which is that we often have theories that are just plan wrong. Remember the idea that the brain didn’t grow new neurons as an adult, and wasn’t capable of change? Couldn’t be more wrong. Jim wrote in response to the recent post on diversity of […]

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George Barker Windship

George Barker Windship was a physical culturist born in 1834 in Massachusetts who invented many exercises machines and the first adjustable dumbbell. Like his father and grandfather, George entered Harvard and that’s where he started working out. George was only sixteen when he started training in a gymnasium and with revenge as a motive. Since […]

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Ronald Walker

Ronald Walker was a lifter born in 1909 in England with an incredible all around capacity. Ronald never really cared much for showing off with awkward feats of strength, but instead focused on forty two strength tests set by British Weightlifting Association. At his prime from 1931 to 1937, Ron Walker dominated British Heavyweight Championship, […]

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Reg Park

Reg Park was a strongman, bodybuilder and an actor from England, born in 1928. He was very active as a kid and he specialized in football, until he met David Cohen in 1944. David was a muscular guy who trained at his friend’s house, so Reg wanted to see what’s that all about and joined […]

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Shovel Lift

The Shovel Lift is my new favorite exercise. I first heard of this one from Steve Justa in his book Rock, Iron, Steel. But besides trying it out one time I don’t think I used it anymore. But since I’ve switched my focus for the time being from bodyweight exercises to lots more weightlifting I […]

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Charles Atlas

Charles Atlas was born in Italy in 1892 as Angelo Siciliano. He moved to the USA with his parents when he was 13 years old in search for a better life, which turned out to be the right decision later on. Angelo started training after visiting the Brooklyn Art Gallery where he was inspired by […]

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Logan Christopher and Andrew Durniat

Andrew Durniat

Have you joined us over at Super Human Training? We had an awesome call with Andrew Durniat last night. I have three things I’m adding into my workouts immediately not for the sack of adding new stuff, but they’ll directly help me in my goals. Not to mention a few more things to look out […]

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Updates on Articles

I’ve reorganized the articles section on this website to make it easier to navigate with categories rather than just in chronological order of me writing them. I’ve also added two new ones that go along with the Training Tools page. So today you can check out: Why the Barbell is an Absolute Must for Strength […]

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Weightlifting and Hand Balancing

Does lifting weights help to hand balance? The answer is yes and no. Let me qualify all the following by saying there are many different ways to lift weights. Whether you are doing power lifting, Olympic lifting, bodybuilding, or just good old fashioned strength training with barbells and dumbbells. How you lift matters as much […]

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Hand Balancing Mastery Course Details

The Hand Balancing Mastery Course is made up of three books, one of which is How to do the One Hand Handstand which I talked about last time. The first book in the course is titled Handbalancing Made Easy. This is the book that every beginner should start with. It covers a lot more than […]

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