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Chuck Sipes

Unlike most old time bodybuilders, Chuck Sipes who was born in 1932 in Illinois was deeply involved in feats of strength as well. While he was still a teenager, Chuck’s family moved to California where he wanted to join a school’s football team. Unfortunately, he was too skinny to be part of the team and […]

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Grade 8 Bolts

I haven’t done any serious bending for quite some time, but I started training again recently. During this workout I tried to bend a Grade 8 bolt and that’s first time I tried it since I bent one long time ago. Here’s my recent bend: And here’s the one from back in October of 2011: […]

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Siegmund Breitbart

Siegmund Breitbart was born in 1883 in a Jewish family and he is best known for his strongman acts as a circus performer. He had a strong background as a blacksmith which was a perfect fit for many feats of strength, including breaking horseshoes in half, bending iron bars & scrolling and tearing iron chains […]

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