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To Press a Lot You Must Press a Lot

“To press a lot you must press a lot.” This saying comes from Russian weightlifting circles. Kinda like a Zen koan, there is some enfolded meaning within it. One of the simple ways of looking at it is like this: “To press a lot of weight, you must press frequently and with volume.” That means […]

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Saxon on Mental Training

In this article, we break down how the Iron Master, Arthur Saxon mentally approaches a heavy lift, specifically in this case the bent press. From what he has written about we not only know tips on physical technique, but his thoughts leading up to and during the lift. If you think this is any less […]

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Shouldering a Barbell

My latest blog post at Breaking Muscle will teach you how to perform one of the classic lifts like an old-time strongman. How to Shoulder a Barbell Like an Old-Time Strongman Lately, there’s a lot of talk about the bent press. You may have noticed in my article on that classic lift that you begin […]

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Using the Bent Press to Become Super Strong

A new article on using the bent press to become strongman strong has just been put up at Breaking Muscle. How To Get Strongman Strong With The Bent Press The bent press is a unique lift that was once quite famous due to the strongmen of the golden era. But as it is quite technical, […]

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Victor DeLamarre

French Canadian strongman and weightlifter Victor DeLamarre was born in 1888 in Quebec and he stood at just 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighted only 150 pounds. DeLamarre is best known for bent pressing 309.5 lb in a theater in Montreal, breaking Louis Cyr’s record and setting a new one. This deceptively strong man […]

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William Pagel

William Pagel was a circus strongman born in 1878 in Germany. Like many men of his time, Pagel was a sailor in his young days and enjoyed traveling around the world. During one of those journeys Pagel decided to leave the ship and settle in Australia. When he turned 19, Pagel was in great physical […]

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What I have Achieved…and YOU Can Too

Like I told you in my last article about practicing what I preach its one of the most important things that I do. So I wanted to take a moment and share with you the achievements I have accomplished and how you can do the same or similar ones by following the steps I’ve laid […]

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Top 5 Strongwomen

Even though oldtime strongmen are the ones who are most recognized for their incredible power and ability to execute extraordinary feats of strength, many strongwomen have also performed in circus shows, music halls and carnivals on a regular basis throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, showcasing their strength. They did everything old strongmen did, so […]

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Bent Press with a dumbbell by John Young Smith

John Y. Smith

John Y. Smith was a strongman born in 1866 who lost both parents at the age of four. He spent next 25 years working on ships where he grew up, only to retired at the age of 29 and start weightlifting a year later. Unlike most oldtime strongmen, John Y. Smith didn’t start training as […]

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George Zottman

George Zottman was a strongman born in 1867 in Philadelphia who set numerous records, some of which still haven’t been broken, like the dumbbell press. George was able to clean & press 175 pounds heavy dumbbell while sitting on a chair, which is something no one else managed to achieve since then. He was The […]

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