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Movement Feedback Systems

Isn’t it funny where the ‘AHA’ moments strike? A couple months back, I was at a marketing seminar. The speaker was talking about feedback systems, specifically his hobby of creating audio speakers, and how this related to marketing. Well, just the previous day I had been filming Module 5 of Intuitive Mobility. In that module, I […]

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How to Fix Niggling Pains

As I started up back in doing handstand pushups the other day, I noticed something. My right shoulder was not feeling 100%. The truth is I wouldn’t even call it “pain”. That’s too strong of a word. But “niggling” is about right. It means: “cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety.” Or the noun-form, […]

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How to Avoid getting Broken from a Program

This is a really important concept that I hope you ‘grok’. What I see is so many people never achieve the strength or fitness they desire, because injury gets in the way. Jeff, a new Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle Member, wrote in saying: “For me, right now, that is about pain relief (arthritis […]

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Fast vs. Slow Exercise

Ricky asked me a lot of questions. A lot of them are great questions, so I chose to share them with the greater public too: “A couple of questions linger in my mind in regards to your Deceptive Strength (in particular) approach and philosophy… “You seem to think that faster reps are better for this […]

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Gym Movement 2.0

How I Do Biofeedback Training

When I enter the gym I have a basic idea of what I’m going to be doing. But… I do not have a written plan. I do not know exactly what exercises I will be doing. I do not know the weights, sets and reps. I don’t know how long the workout will last. But […]

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The Most Powerful Training Tool

Its not a barbell… Its not a kettlebell… Its not your training journal… Its your body… And I’m not talking about bodyweight exercises. Those are important and something I’ll be sharing a bunch more on shortly, but for now I‘m talking about something else. That is using your body and the signals it gives you […]

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