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Pressing Isometrics in Doorway

In the previous video, I discussed how to do pressing isometrics if you have a barbell and power rack available. In my opinion, this is the best option. But not everyone has that same equipment. If you missed that video, click here. So, in this video I give you an alternative option that anybody that […]

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An Evolved Bob Hoffman

I’ve been called many things over the years. An evolved Bob Hoffmann is a new one to me! Ed writes in regarding Deceptive Strength: I love this book because it confirmed and reinforced many concepts I either knew or had an “innate” understanding, especially what I know best: Olympic Weightlifting and its support exercises. Also, […]

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Isometrics or Full Range Lifts

Is it better to train using full range lifts or isometrics? First of all, you can use isometrics in two main different ways. You can get incredibly strong and activate your entire body with just isometrics training, like Steve Justa for example. There is a great book called “Functional Isometric Contraction” by Bob Hoffman which […]

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John Davis

John Davis was a weightlifter born in 1921 in Long Island. He was more into bodyweight training than weightlifting as a kid, and he was quite good at it. He was even able to hold a chin-up with 25 lb weight in the other hand, plus he could complete this move with both right and […]

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Bob Hoffman

If you like the ways of old strongmen and you haven’t heard about Bob Hoffman, you must’ve been living under a rock. Bob Hoffman was a weightlifter, athlete, nutritionist born in 1898 on a farm in Tifton. His father liked to show off his muscles and definitely had an influence on Bob’s lifestyle choice. As […]

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Harry L. Good

Harry L. Good started training in 1924 and by 1930 he had turned professional. Only a couple of years later, in 1934, he won the World’s Strongest Professional Strongman title. Harry worked for Bob Hoffman for some time, but he decided to open his own barbell company afterwards and kept it running for 37 years. Unassisted one […]

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