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Chest to Bar Pullups

A question comes in from Laid regarding chest to bar pullups: I have a question about body weight exercise. In fact, about pull-ups. I’ve tried many different approaches but I’m pretty bad in them. I can do 10 chin-ups without problem even more, but with pull-ups I can do 3-4 pull-ups and none of them […]

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How To Do A Muscle Up

If you are looking for new upper extremity, bodyweight movements to incorporate into your training then consider none other than the muscle up. The muscle up is a relatively basic bodyweight movement that incorporates both a pushing and a pulling action of the upper extremity all into one movement. Also, the muscle up is a […]

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Warming Up Before Working Out

How important are warm-ups? My opinion is quite different from most personal trainers out there, since I don’t consider them to be too important. However, this definitely depends on several factors, including your goals and circumstances. Warming up is a general term for warming up your muscles to keep them warm instead of cold, which […]

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What is Proper Pullup Form?

I received this question about what is proper pullup form. “Pull ups what is the proper technique for them, what cues should I use to get the most out of my lats? I am struggling with my max reps bodyweight.” First off, let me say I’m not a big stickler on “proper” form, pullups or […]

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