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Knee Shearing in Squats

Do you absolutely want to always avoid the knees going over the toes? Is it as bad as “they” say? (They being trainers, that are empty echo chambers of other trainers…without understanding WHY trainers say this in the first place.) With weighted squats, you generally do want to squat more back than down, not allowing […]

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Progressive Stand Up Challenges – Cross Leg Sit to Stand

This video is the first in a series of progressive stand up challenges where I cover regressions and progressions to be able to do various bodyweight movements. Our first one covers the cross leg sit to stand. This was the method used in the sitting-rising test as covered in Brito et al’s research, that showed […]

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How to Position Feet for Bodyweight Squats

A common question is how to position your feet for bodyweight squats. While this applies to all squats, weighted or not, there are some important aspects you’ll want to note, if you’re focusing on bodyweight. First of all, note that there is no one correct form. Anyone that tells you so is just being dogmatic. […]

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4 Way Hip and Leg Flexibility with One Legged Squats

There is always more to learn… At the recent Progressive Calisthenics Certification where I was helping out I still knew I would come away from the weekend with new insights. While there were many small tips and tricks I’d like to focus on one of the biggest ideas I learned. And that was how you […]

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What To Do If You Can’t Squat Without Pain

I received a question from one of my subscribers who simply said that he has problems doing squats, wondering what should he do. Since this is a pretty general question, the best I can do is to give a general answer. This type of problem differs from one individual to another, so I’ll try to […]

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