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Strict Form vs. Not

A couple weeks ago I put up this popular article all about form, and how it’s really different than most think. And on that note, I wanted to address a similar area. Should you be super strict with your form? Or should you “cheat,” use a bit of “body English,” or, as some might put it, […]

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25 Pounds of Muscle in 30 Days

It may sound unbelievable, but let me tell you a story… Almost two years back I ran an experimental group with a few Inner Circle members. All of them self-proclaimed “Hard Gainers”. The aim was packing on size over a 30-day period. (Okay, it’s not 100% muscle, but a good portion of it is. When […]

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Diet for Strength

Does it really matter what you eat for building strength? First of all, if you are looking to reduce fat or build muscle, then proper diet is essential for those specific goals. Nonetheless, what most people do not realize is that building strength doesn’t have to go hand in hand with building muscle. Those are […]

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Louis Attila and Eugen Sandow

Louis Attila

Ludwig Durlacher, better known as Louis Attila was a German strongman born in 1844 and one of the greatest men in the history of physical culture. Professor Attila wasn’t just a strongman, but an accomplished pianist who spoke five languages fluently. He was very well educated and didn’t really trained with weights until he saw […]

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