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How to Combine Isometric Training with more…

A great question came in recently. And it’s a common question about how to combine different forms of training, if it can be done well at all. Robert asks: First of all: congratulations on your fantastic website!! I’m lovin’ it! Well, I train seriously since two years now, one year of it only calisthenics, based […]

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Use of Full Body Tension?

If you’ve been in the strength world for awhile you’ve likely heard about “Full Body Tension”. And on that note I received a great question the other day from Sol. Hi Logan, I read a lot of your Legendary Strength posts about muscle control the other day. I just purchased 3 books concerning muscle control […]

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World Calisthenics Competition

This past weekend I was at the San Jose Fit Expo. Its mostly bodybuilding but there’s plenty of other stuff too. Unfortunately, I missed the grip competition though I did watch a little Mas Wrestling. There was Crossfit doing exhibitions and teaching too and plenty else. But I spent most of my time there watching […]

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Straddle Back Lever

Building up to the Back Lever

I put up another article at Breaking Muscle and this time it’s about building your way up to the back lever. How to Build Up to the Back Lever The back lever is a challenging and impressive exercise. It’s one of the lower level exercises performed on the rings in gymnastics, but that doesn’t mean […]

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Charles Atlas

Charles Atlas was born in Italy in 1892 as Angelo Siciliano. He moved to the USA with his parents when he was 13 years old in search for a better life, which turned out to be the right decision later on. Angelo started training after visiting the Brooklyn Art Gallery where he was inspired by […]

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