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Teaching the Winner’s Mindset

I received a question from a subscriber the other day. He is a coach for a high school wrestling team and was curious as to what can be done to teach the winner’s mindset? It is a very important question and one I had some fun thinking about. Some people would say that it cannot […]

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Planche Progression

Here you’ll find tips on planche progression. “I’m 21 years ( physically strong ) I do need to get into Planche. Can you advice me on something to start with ???” Kenji I have not built myself up to doing the planche. Haven’t really worked on it much. But I can give you a variety of […]

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Mako Sakamoto’s Handstand Pushup Record

Mako Sakamoto is not likely a name you have heard. He was a US National Champ in the 1960’s and has coached many successful gymnasts, including Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Vidmar. One day during the athletes training they decided to find out how many freestanding handstand pushups they could do on the parallel bars. Mind […]

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