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How to Focus Your Language when Coaching

When you’re coaching someone, you really want to feed back their words.  I didn’t really point it out when I was working with you up here.  This kind of goes into the hypnotic language, some of the stuff we’ll talk about tomorrow, but even though I don’t have him sitting in a chair in a […]

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Teaching the Winner’s Mindset

I received a question from a subscriber the other day. He is a coach for a high school wrestling team and was curious as to what can be done to teach the winner’s mindset? It is a very important question and one I had some fun thinking about. Some people would say that it cannot […]

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Back to Gymnastics

A few years back I regularly attended a gymnastics class. This wasn’t back when I was a kid, as is the case for 99% of gymnasts, but because I wanted to master gymnastic skills as an adult. I wanted to strength and skill that comes with it. This fell away as I went to work […]

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